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by Arthur Lehman 4.14.19

 Where does this man get his knowledge?

I do not know if Midwest will publish my following comments. I have reported articles about them before. I can’t say I really know the owner Dennis Sneath that well, but have talked to him at different tracks, been to their Rockford, IL facility, and I always believed, simply said, “Dennis is a mind blowing person. Where does he get the knowledge and the ideas to design and produce the racing products he makes. I will tell you, he is a walking wikipedia of knowledge regarding transmissions, torque converters and lubricants. He also has a better understanding of metallurgy than most people I have ever met. And if you know him very well, then you know he can keep the attention of an entire room of people talking about it all. I have interviewed several of his friends, customers and associates. Most feel the same way I do, that Mr. Sneath is a very bright guy. A few may think he is not. So be it. You can’t please everyone.

I have been in his office while he has had conversations with some of the greatest experts in the lubrication field. As they listen to him, he explains how and why he produces such amazing lubricants. Even these well known experts leave with amazement on their faces, as if they were asking “How does he do it?”

His ideas on torque converter and transmission designs are far ahead of their time. I just have one question. Where does this man get this knowledge? Is he man or machine?

   Reply:   Art, I will be glad to print your observation about Midwest Converters and myself. Simply said, I have been involved with race cars and started working in the transmission and converter field since the mid 70’s.(mainly because I kept blowing them up racing). I first worked as a Die maker and learned quite a bit about machining. Mathematics was a natural for me so I applied it to everything I did. I also studied Tribology and Metallurgy, along with Organic Chemistry. Somehow, I put all these abilities into a blender and got into the current business. Who would ever guess? Thanks for your kind words of praise. Dennis Sneath.

  Midwest Acquires a New Transmission/ Torque Converter Dyno 

  Midwest Converters just acquired a new custom built state of the art transmission/ torque converter testing dyno. Now even better test data can be acquired and R&D advanced. More time and money will be invested on marketing and industry advancements. New employment opportunities are available. Call Dennis @ 815-229-9808.

Torque converter controller

 Midwest Converters- A Leading developer

  Midwest has developed a completely remotely operated from the drivers seat a torque converter controller. Simply apply the transbrake and the fluid diverter applies. The driver can set the controlled slippage of the converter in one of 10 positions, so the torque converter can “hit”as hard and fast from .001 to 2.5 seconds after releasing the brake, similar to a Funny car clutch slippage. This allows turbo cars and street outlaws to hook up on smaller tires or on slippery tracks and streets. Call Midwest for more information. Racer tested and approved! UPDATE! 8/24/20 The new controller has been reduced in size due to new CNC production improvements, also allowing for 2 new part numbers added for the TH350 and TH400 transmissions.

 Midwest Converters- A Leader not a Follower

  The Midwest Ultra Damper Converter has proven itself to be a World Class Contender in the torque converter arena. With knock outs in the high powered 1/4 mile pounders ( cars with 1800 hp and up to 3000 hp) the Reactor series converter has done very well. The Reactor Series consist of a 258mm ( about 10 1/4 inch ) and will continue this year with the Reactor 9 1/2 inch for cars needing a little more stall at the launch.

Midwest Converters adds to their Sprag Assembly Line-up

  The Brute Sprag™ is available for our 7″, 8″, 9″, and 10″ converters. Made from Gen III Steel, the strongest steel ever is warranted for life. The Beast Sprag™ is also available for our 10.200, 10.5 and 11″ converters with the same lifetime warranty. Both are unique not only in material but also in design and function. Our Unique Quick-Lock sprag function insures instant repeatable launching power. Our design is so powerful we refuse to patent it maintaining its manufacturing technique. We guarantee our sprag will produce higher MPH while running cooler. Call Midwest @ 815-229-9808 and ask for tech help ex.12 for more info.

Midwest Unbrakable Sprag along with a Sonnax stator

Midwest Unbreakable Sprag assembly along with a Sonnax stator

Midwest Converters has recently finished designing and testing their newest  Sprag assembly for the 245 mm converter core. The GM 245mm core is popular among converter builders for availability, strength, and multiple stall speed configurations. Similar in design to the already unbreakable 258 mm and 265 mm, the 245 uses the GEN III™ steel for the outer sprag race. GEN III™ is already proven to be a far Superior and outstanding Super Alloy steel, stronger, tougher and higher wear resistance than any other alloy. Used in our “drop in” 8 inch converters for hundreds of converters, without 1 failure. GEN III™ is the results of years designing and formulating. As a comparison GEN III™ steel has shown much higher, 23 to 35% higher strength than previous alloy steels. Midwest expects the same great performance when used in the 245mm converter. The converter sprag is no longer the limiting factor of the torque  converters strength. For more information about the newest sprag assembly from Midwest call us or read more about GEN III™ steel on this web site under “In the news” New pictures are on the way. Thanks for reading!

Newest Releases  9/08/21

Midwest Converters demonstrates their new torque testing equipment.

Midwest demonstrated their newest investment to a few parts manufacturers today. The newly purchased machine, a Hielman 4400, a very sought after test machine from Europe, was installed in their plant 3 building, where public admission is seldom allowed. The machine measures twisting torque on shafts and geartrain until failure occurs. The 4400 , capable of measuring up to 4400 lb ft of torque, was purchased by the Midwest Metallurgy division. Today the guest were allowed to observe the super strong GEN III™Steel input shaft test. All were amazed by the strength of this material. Open house will continue until September 28 when admission will stop. Many proprietary parts production start-up again and cannot be revealed. For more about GEN III™STEEL contact Midwest Converters at 1-800-554-2668 or email [email protected]. You can click here to read more.

Newest Releases 11/14/19

Midwest Converters Demos Converterless ProMod Transmission.

Midwest Converters has successfully developed a new Converterless 2 Speed transmission suitable for at least 2500 HP and more. Converterless meaning no impeller, stator, turbine design. Instead, a self- contained 12 friction disc, hydraulic applied wet clutch pack replaces the torque converter. Such a brutal force is released instantaneously by the transmission trans brake control. Driver reaction control can be set to lock-up from .001 to .050 seconds to assist in launch control. Use of Midwest Converters own input shaft and addition of a electric solenoid and launch control valve are required and can be added to any racing PG transmission. Until this time Midwest has only tested the units clutch pack on a SAE #2 friction testing machine. After every 100 clutch applications, simulation full power, 2500 HP launches of a 3200 lb car, friction plates were inspected for wear or damage. After 10 sessions ( 1000) applications, it is determined that this set-up will last even the most aggressive hole-shots. The unit is owner serviceable right at the track. No special tools needed.Testing will continue. For more info contact Dennis Sneath@ Midwest Converters at 1-815-229-9808 or email [email protected] Units may be available early spring 2019. Design patents are being applied for and production is scheduled for February. Note delay in manufacturing processes to reduce cost will postpone 2019 deliveries. Special orders are typically 6 weeks out. Delivery times hope to improve for 2019 season.

UPDATE !  Pro Mod  owners must read.  1/1/22

         Midwest announces their new “Revolution Converter”

  With a growing need for a torque converter that can handle 4000 plus horse power Midwest Converters has designed a coupler, similar to a torque converter, that has no stator, no clutches, no sprag, just a programable ( uses your existing MSD controller ) hydraulic lock-up device that will launch as hard as a manual transmission, with no consumable parts to fail. The coupler can be programed to slip on launch from .001 seconds with gradual complete lockup up to 3 seconds as needed. Testing using a Powerglide transmission are being completed and will be developed for the TH400. Call us for more info about the new Revolution Converter.

Midwest test The Revolution Torque Converter at Bradenton Fl

by Arthur Lehman (Art)

Yes racers, I have been invited back to Florida to witness the test run of another Midwest Converters, “Revolution Converter” This torque converter has proven itself for the last year or so, but has been improved again. If you own one of last years model you can send it back, free of charge , and receive the updates. Will Report on the results soon.

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