Midwest Racing Converters

Rockford, Illinois

 2023 Line-Up

Prices change from time to time due to manufacturing cost. We wish to give you the most current prices so please Call for pricing.

SuperPro 8 –  Sale price, 1079.00, now  “999.00”

                    MaxPro 8 – CALL w/ Gen III™ upgrade

Street 9 – Call          StreetPro 9 – Call          SuperPro 9 – Call


Street 10499.00/Sale 399.00          StreetPro 10 –Call       SuperPro 10 –Call 


 Street 11Call             StreetPro 11Call           SuperPro 11 –Call


            StreetPro LSX 11Call      SuperPro LSX-2 10-Call      Street 122200-2400 stall- Call      SuperPro LSX Vette – Call  

Our Flag ship Converter

” The Ultra Damper Converter”

Controls torsionally induced vibration.  

Clink here for more Ultra Damper Details


Ask about our “Zero Slip” non-lock-up. Locks up completely on the big end with up to 6000 rpm stall at launch.                                                                                                                                        

The Reactor 10.5 .  . for big inch motors w/turbo’s or spray – Call  

The Reactor 10.75 . . for 1500 to 2000 HP- Call

The Reactor™ 4L80 Single disk Billet.  .  .  .  . Call 

The Reactor™ 4L80 True Triple disk Billet. .  .  .  . Call        

The Annihilator –  Ultimate Top Sportsman Converter – Call  

Tow and Go Diesel Performer . . Billet triple and 5 clutch units – Call

Gen III is Midwest Converters 3rd Generation sprag material, not available anywhere else. Gen III is literally the strongest steel in the world. Gen III surpasses M300 and 9310 for toughness and stability. Gen III has the highest purity level of any aircraft type alloy steels for unmatched strength. Click for more about


Lifetime Conditional Warranty


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