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UPDATE: The Midwest Converters;

HydraLock- Ultra Damper torque converter powered Gordy Frank to the Union Groves Dragway 8.60’s index championship for 2021. The combination of high torque and reduced torsional vibration make Gordy Frank and theHydraLockUltra Damper torque converter a big winner. Congratulations Gordy and Carl.

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Enjoy some interesting reading from Midwest Converters and Racing Transmissions.  Some new current technology and updates from the past.

If you can make the power, 

“Midwest Converters can pass it on!”

Ever wonder why some cars are so “deadly on” consistent? Well here is one fact you cannot dispute. The Midwest “HydraLock” and the “Ultra Damper torque converter. Midwest has successfully created a torque converter that can give you up to 6000 RPM stall and cross the line with less than 1.3 % slippage. That’s right, less than 1.3 %. All the power your engine makes is sent back to the transmission. All of it. This results in reduced transmission heat and incredible repeatability. Available for GM TH350, 400’s  Powerglides and Midwest Pro SuperGlide transmissions. Want to know more, ask someone that has one, or call us and get your own. Midwest Converters Hydralock-Ultra Damper torque converters. 815-229-9808

News event by Gary Vincent, Memphis Tn. 11/03/21

  Thursday, November 30th, Midwest Converters of Rockford,IL contacted me in regards to me covering a tech article about their 258mm Reactor Turbo Converter in Florida. Although I had prior commitments to cover the races in Vegas, I knew that something special was going on. I accepted the offer, found a colleague to cover Vegas, and was on my way. I found out that Midwest had been testing a “Secret weapon” that they have been working on for the last couple years. That weapon was a New “unbreakable” sprag assembly. Now, I have always been skeptical when someone says unbreakable. I have been told by numerous engine builders , transmission builders etc that their product was unbreakable, but always seemed to be that “I was the first one to break it” or “the only one ever to break it”.

  Well, I arrived at the track and located the car I was going to report on. The car is a gorgeous fiberglass/carbon fiber 2200 lb. Tahition Orange 904 ci. hemi-headed Powerglide  transmission 63 Chevy Corvette. This 2800 + HP monster motor equipped car looked like all motor and tire. When I confronted the cars owner Alan, about what all the hoopla was about with this car and the torque converter he replied. “I have had nothing but trouble with either the transmission or the converter all year. I believe I have too much power for a Glide” he said. “I think I may have to put the Lenco 4 speed back in the car. I went 6.42 with the Lenco.  Midwest Converters made me a offer I could not refuse. They supplied me their Pro SuperGlide and Reactor Torque Converter. The proof will be known today.

  Shortly after lunch, I heard the Vette fire up. “Oh my God, is all I could think.” This car was a beast. After a quick burn out, Alan staged the car. Every one was so excited. He left on the last bulb, red lighted on a -.003, .978 60 ft. Then stopped. I figured something broke as the car idled to the left side of the track. No second gear. After being towed back to the pits, a minor cable adjustment was made on the shifter. A quick test up on  the jacks , success, second gear. Back in line, the outside temperature was slowly dropping, Alan idles up to the tree. Again , a small burn out and he stages. Bammm! the car literally explodes off the line. A .971 60 ft and down the track he drove. WOW! A 6.38. Midwest had proven the Pro SuperGlide ™ can survive. After 2 more passes for the day,  every one sat around the trailer congratulating Alan and his friends. They proved without a doubt the Midwest Converters Pro SuperGlide and Reactor converter can handle the big power and keep on going, maybe even UNBREAKABLE Good luck boys!

  It should be noted that the sprag assembly, input shaft and planetary gears are made from Midwest own GEN III STEEL™, the toughest steel ever. Watch the destruction test on parts made from GEN III™, 9310, M300 and “NASA” steel and make your own conclusion. GEN III STEEL™ is simply the strongest steel available, Period!

  To learn more about the Midwest Reactor Converter or the Pro SuperGlide transmission or GEN III STEEL™ read about it on the Web    815-229-9808

  Update; As off 11/23 Midwest Converters has tested and sold over 47 Pro Superglides w/ Reactor T ( turbo) and Reactor X ( Procharged) without failures. Production is now up and can be ordered for your 2024 season.

       Update: Due to covid induced parts shortage, Midwest’ production of both The Reactor series and the HydraLock- Ultra Damper was limited in 2021, but are back in near full swing for 2024.

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