Let’s Compare Value, Midwest VS the Competition

 TCI 242300 – TCI 10” Competition Torque Converters

                                                              Jegs Price   $626.00

TCI 10″ Drag Race Torque Converters  average is 3800-4500 RPM for 10″ converters.


Furnace-brazed and reinforced fins increase durability

Needle bearings reduce drag & increase thrust capacity

Three sets of Torrington bearings replace normal thrust washers used in OEM and some aftermarket converters to triple thrust capacity capabilities

Hardened steel pump hubs increase strength, durability & longevity while decreasing wear

Increased strength & holding capacity of high load sprags ensure stator stays locked when converter stalls & guarantees converter will stall correctly run after run

Ballooning plates double strength of converter when using transbrake and/or power adders

360° Steel mounting ring strengthens mounting area of converter to flexplate 

 Note: 3 sets of roller bearings does not increase load capacity by 3 times as claimed.

360° mounting ring welded to the front cover adds weight but less strength compared to a 1 piece billet cover.

 Hughes Performance #512-GM45       Jegs Price   $586.00   

Pro Competition: 4500 Stall RPM

Silicon-brazed to increase strength

Heavy-duty needle bearings replace fiber thrust washers

Premium sprag and specially-cut stator

Not for use in transbrake applications

90 warranty against defects only.

Midwest Racing Converters  #GM245B   Our Price  $595.00 – The clear Winner. Price, Quality, Value, now dyno tested.

Performance and warranty!

Pro Competition:3000 to 4800 Stall RPM

Silicon-brazed to increase strength and tig welds for additional strength.

Heavy-duty Oversized Boron treated Torrington type roller bearings for increased wear resistance. (lifetime warranty on all bearing, a Midwest Converters exclusive)

Midwest Converters Patented spragGen III Steel™ no specially-cut weakened stator here (lifetime warranty)

Harden 4140 flanged Impeller hub ( lifetime warranty.)

Harden 4140 turbine spline. Yep, you guessed it, lifetime warranty!

One piece billet front cover (safe for big turbos, blowers or NOX) Multi or single bolt pattern

Approved for use in transbrake applications

“LIFETIME” warranty against defects or failure.

Free freshen up anytime.

Free re-stall should you change your stall needs. WOW!

One last thing that comes with every Midwest Converter is;

My personal thanks!

Dennis Sneath

President of Midwest Converters, A MW Group Inc Company


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