Meant for anyone that owns a RV or a vehicle that tows. Midwest RV Series torque converters have been modified to provide more stall speed for help in initial acceleration without sacrificing normal highway operation. These performance converters will increase gas mileage, improve power and torque at low RPM, lowers transmission temperature and increases transmission life. Our RV performance converters keep going long after others have failed. For optimal performance, we recommend Midco RV lubricants.
Check out some of the features of a Midwest RV Series converter and order yours today!

  • Furnace brazed fins
  • Kevlar and Carbon clutches
  • Hardened inner sprags/splines
  • Anti-Ballooning plates
  • Needle bearings
  • Pressure tested and computer balanced

Midwest Converters Update

Midwest has issued an update to simplify ordering for their popular Diesel E4OD, 4R100, and 5R110 torque converters

They are listed as the 4 available stages of production.

Stage 1. F59 PS

Rebuilt to OEM standards with a rebuilt clutch assembly.

Stage 2  F59 PS HD

Rebuilt to OEM standards plus furnace brazed, Harden input spline, new LUK clutch assembly and HD Torrington bearings.

Stage 3  F59 PS HDB

Same as stage 2 plus added benefits of a new 1-piece billet steel front cover with harden studs.

Stage 4  F59 PS HDMDC (Heavy Duty Multi-disc Billet Custom.)

Same as Stage 3 plus converter has a HD flanged impeller hub to prevent hub cracking and impeller ballooning, and a new multi-disk clutch design, modified stator, harden sprag race and custom stall speed modifications. Additional welded impeller and turbine fin re-enforcements are included.

Please note all Midwest Ford Powerstroke converters have 6 mounting studs unless special ordered with 4 or 8 optionally.

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