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 Transmission with Torque Controller

This Transmission and Converter equipped with our Pro-Slide™ controller allows you to leave on; 0 to 100 % converter and progressively tighten up down the track either by timer,RPM, gear change or both, you decide how much stall and torque your car can handle and when. Launch at 2000, 3000, 4000 rpm or more in 100 rpm increments and the converter will tighten-up at a drivers preselected point.Great advantage for smaller tire care and or turbo cars, No transmission disassembly or jets to change to change settings. All can be done from the drivers position. Parts are being produced now and will be available for the 2019 season.


 (Racing Transmission Fluid)

Midwest/ Midco Lubricants is preparing for 2016 in a big way. Midco Blue Maxx™ and Maxx FR™ racing transmission fluids are now available for orders at our pre Spring sale. Save 15 to 20% now. Don’t be fooled by others, simply read the test data. Blue Maxx has the highest static coefficient of friction, period. What is static coefficient of friction?  “The ratio of the force of friction between an object and a surface to the frictional force resisting the motion of the object”. In transmission language it means the bands and clutches can hold tighter than with any other ATF. Yes any! Test have been performed and the jury is in.

            MIDCO WINS BIG! And Midco Maxx FR™ is the only transmission fluid that is certified to be fire retarded. MaxxFR™ will not burn even when exposed to red hot headers or an open flame. This could save your life.


Midwest/Sonnax 10 clutch PG Drum

Midwest “modified” Sonnax PG Direct Clutch


Midwest Racing Transmissions has expanded their Racing Transmission Line-up.

PG and TH400 built for mild bracket racers to 3000 HP Pro-Racing series are READY TO SHIP, in stock. 2 Speed TH400, in stock. SFI cases, in stock.

Also custom built Racing Torque Converters with quick order fulfillment.

now offers discounts on all of our


ProGlides, Powerglide and SuperGlides™

during our 2023

 PG Summer Sale Pricing

                                         (TH350’s And TH400 also available)

  ( Sale on Items in Red) 

  • Stage 1 ) Excellent small block PG bracket starter transmission. Comes with 1.82 or 1.76 gears, 6 direct clutches, HP clutch hub, new high output pump, and full manual valve body. Easily upgraded at a later time. Starting @ 995.00

  • Stage 2 ) Comes with the same as Stage 1 with added upgrades of a trans-brake, HD servo, 1.76 gear set, deep aluminum pan and a 4340 steel input shaft. Good for 900 HP in a 3000 lb car or less. Need more? Upgrade to Stage 3

  • Stage 3 ) Upgrade from Stage 2 by adding a 300M input shaft and an 8 clutch direct drum and hub. Also added is the popular 1.80 straight cut gear set. Increases the hp rating to 1200hp and up to a 3300 lb car.

  • Stage 4 ) Same as Stage 3 with an Upgrade to SFI Two-Piece performance case and 10 clutch direct drum. A must have for serious racers.  1500 hp rating. in a up to 4000 lb sled. No outer shield required to be legal!

  • Stage 5 ) Definitely our BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK. Features all of the above with the addition of a special heat treated and Cryo Treated input shaft good for 1050 lb ft of torque. Also comes with a roller bearing tail housing. Proven to 1800 hp.

  • Stage 6)  Still want more. How about adding a ProMod high volume pump with 9310 straight cut harden gears and heat treated pump stator shaft and a 10 clutch direct clutch drum filled with RED ALTO clutches. Also includes the ringless input shaft, dual ring servo, and a new gear set, carrier and 300M output shaft. Add a Big input shaft and stator tube along with a TH400 style Big 300M output shaft. Unknown HP rating, 3000 HP can’t break it. Custom built only.

  • Want More? How about adding the GEN III™ STEEL upgrade, The worlds Strongest Steel.

Midwest Racing Transmissions and Converters

3631 Mansfield St. Rockford, Illinois, 61109


How can you tell if a car is equipped with a Midwest Racing Converter and Transmission?

Look at his tail lights, He’s probably ahead of you!

PRO-RACING SERIES  and GEN III™ STEEL are trademarks of Midwest Converters, Rockford, Illinois

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